How to Become a Wine Judge

He was about 55 years of age, short sleeve shirt, jeans, and a big grin on his face. He approached us, barely able to conceal a giggle. He had a humorous question; one he was certain was so novel and clever we would have never heard it before. “How do I get that job?” he laughed. I was judging a wine competition with another 20 judges. The competition took place before the public and this jovial query came so often that we had a pool based upon when the question would first be asked. I had 9:10 in the pool — a mere ten minutes after the competition started. I looked at my watch; it was 9:05. We would be asked the question two more times before 9:10. Over the course of the day, this question was asked about 30 times. Each time, someone patiently explained the amount of knowledge one had to accumulate about wine to become a judge and invited that person to start their wine education so that one day they too could be judging. The question