Keys To Great Winemaking

Kits wines are designed so that the average person can produce a nice, drinkable wine. However, for the home winemaker interested in making the highest quality wine possible, there are several avenues to getting the best performance from your starting materials and making a truly great wine. As with any style of winemaking — whether from grapes, juices or kits — solid fundamentals are required. Beyond that, however, knowing some of the key winemaking aspects that are specific to kits will allow you to take your kit winemaking out of the box. Make Your Kit Wine Shine Each item in a kit has a specific purpose. Likewise, every step in the instruction sheet is there for a reason — and, the combination of ingredients (the contents of your wine kit) and procedures is tested many times. However, sometimes the point of a kit item or procedural step is that it is foolproof. For the advanced kit winemaker — who knows what he or she is doing and takes a more careful approach to winemaking — there are adjustments you can