Kit Wine Glossary

I have to confess, I love glossaries. They’re the second section I check when I pick up a text or non-fiction book (the first is always the author’s picture: would I listen to this person in real life? If not I don’t buy the book. That’s why I hired an actor to stand in for all pictures of me: I needed someone who could project “trustworthy”). A glossary is an alphabetical list of the specialized terms used in a field of knowledge. Kit winemaking is pretty specialized. No matter how widespread it seems to get there’s always a bunch of people in any group who are stunned to find out you can make your own wine so easily. Some of this stuff may be obvious to old hands, but there is a real benefit to reading glossaries of things you already know, both to keep yourself sharp, and to sneer at the author’s opinions. A ABV: Alcohol by Volume. Usually between 11% and 13.5% in dry table wines made from kits. Acid: Grape juice contains a mixture of fruit acids