Lab Equipment: Storage Cabinet

Over the years…I’ve accumulated lots of pieces of fairly delicate labware to perform a number of winemaking tests. After recently remodeling my garage winery with some cast off kitchen cabinets I got for free from a remodeler, and building my temperature controlled Barrel Room (WineMaker June/July 2010), I found that the laboratory equipment ended up scattered in drawers, on shelves and countertops and weren’t very well organized. I decided to build a toolbox that would collect, organize and protect all my precious pieces of equipment and bottles and jars of chemicals. I considered a number of box sizes and shapes and, remembering my builder-Dad’s myriad carpentry toolboxes, recalled one that contained his brace (a hand crank style drill) and bits and the scores of drills and other attachments that he stored in it. His tool box was an upright box that hinged at the back and opened up like a clamshell to reveal all of his tools. It was filled with little compartments, improvised rubber tool holders and clamps that kept all the pieces secured in place while it rode