Leaking Corks & Special Enzymes: Wine Wizard

QI recently made my first batch of white Zinfandel from a kit. I followed the directions and it’s coming along fine. I bottled and used synthetic corks in the bottles. I let them sit up straight for three days and then tilted them on their sides, like it said. My questions are, do the corks have to go completely in the bottle, and if so, how do you get them there? What causes the bottles to leak even if they seem to be properly corked? I seem to be getting a little bit of wine leaking out of the corks. Is there a way to stop the leaking? Jeremy Sherman Sterling Heights, Michigan ASynthetic corks are becoming more and more popular as commercial and home winemakers alike seek to avoid the 5 to 15 percent of bottles that can be ruined due to TCA or natural-cork taint. Unfortunately, some synthetic corks actually can leak worse than traditional wine corks. Synthetic corks also can be tough to insert and can form imperfect seals, leading to higher rates of premature oxidation. The