One-Stall Winery

After years of making wine in various locations throughout my house out of necessity and lack of a dedicated space, I recently had to evaluate my process. For years I fermented grapes in my garage, stored my bulk wine in a crawl space underneath my house (pumped in and out), and bottled it in the kitchen (again transferred via pumped). Also, my winemaking equipment and carboys were scattered about. I knew that I had to centralize the process.  Luckily, I have a large garage, which I knew could house my home winery. My objective was to make one stall into a winery and use a common cooling system for both the winery and wine cellar. I decided to turn the stall on the far end of the garage with two exterior walls and a singlewide garage door into my new winery.  My wine cellar was not fancy and neither would be the winery, but it had to be functional. The winery had to be separated from the garage to keep it clean. Importantly, it had to be relatively easy to
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