Storing and Enjoying Your Kit Wine

Once you’ve mastered the art and craft of making kit wines, what do you do with them? Drink them, of course! We don’t need to teach you how to drink and appreciate wine, but there are some finer points to cellaring, decanting and pairing wine with food that you may findhelpful. Building a wine collection full of your favorite styles of wine, and with varied types that pair well with all kinds of food, will help you enjoy your home winemaking hobby more fully. It will also be available for the times you are entertaining guests — even in unplanned circumstances. Knowing when decanting your wine is worthwhile will come in handy when you have a lot of young wines on hand. (It will also give you an opportunity to use that decanter you got as wedding gift that, until now, has been sitting and gathering dust.) Finally, wine is the perfect complement to food. Picking the right wine for your meal should be a joy, but too many people worry that they are breaking some unknown rule or making