Wine Kit Troubleshooting and Tips

Winemaking takes some practice. Even the most careful kit winemaker can end up scratching his or her head and calling the local kit supplier or a kit manufacturer for help. It’s ok. Take a deep breath and take solace in the fact that many winemakers have come before you, many of them running into (and solving) the same problems. In this section, explore some of the ways that your kit wine can go wrong (and how to fix or avoid problems). Also, learn some of the most important principles for making great kit wines and why they should become part of your winemaking routine. Kit First Aid You: a happy winemaking citizen, going about your lawful fermentation business, enjoying the marvellous convenience and quality that the wine kit industry has provided for you. Your kit wine: usually a tractable and pleasant beverage, it suddenly turns on you and does something it has never done before. How can this be? What can you do? First, don’t panic. Second, don’t discard your wine. Third, read on! Fourth, don’t feel bad. Regardless of