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2018 Grape Harvest Report The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) is reporting that 2018 was one of the most fruitful of the last two decades worldwide after an “historically low” 2017 harvest. In South America: Chile, Argentina, and Brazil all saw strong yields with “outstanding quality” of grapes according to the UK wine group Bibendum Wine. Here in North America, the Wine Institute is reporting that despite the wildfires, many vineyards in California had a strong 2018 growing season, with good weather for later ripening compared to 2017 and strong yields; up 2% over year-over-year. Further north along the Pacific Northwest coast, in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, the fall weather provided near ideal ripening weather allowing for confidence among viticulturalists for high-quality 2018 vintages from many of these vineyards. Several wine regions in the eastern United States experienced intense rain events and high humidity, which led to grape growers struggling to keep up with pressures in the vineyard. This resulted in low-Brix, low-acid grapes at harvest, but about average yields were noted in in New York state’s