Wrecked Riesling & Adding Oak: Wine Wizard

QI had a great Riesling going this vintage, but now I’ve stuffed it up. I nursed it along until the last racking, when I seem to have put in an overload of sulfite. I nearly killed a judge at the Eltham show. They are threatening to sue. I realize it’s my own fault — I had just downloaded the WineMaker sulfite calculator, but I hadn’t used it. Silly me. Is there some way of aspirating the sulfite to remove it? Quickly? How do I rehabilitate the lovely Riesling I used to have? Graham ScottMoe South, Victoria, Australia AMy, my, my! I sincerely hope you are joking about that lawsuit — first, because I certainly hope you are under no impending financial harm, but also because I’d assume no home winemaking judge would really sue for such an honest (and relatively common) mistake! Whatever the situation, my advice might appear to be not so much advice as perhaps a “that’s just the way it is” statement of fact. The truth is that you can’t really remove sulfur dioxide easily from wine.