Date: Apr-May 2003

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Wrecked Riesling & Adding Oak: Wine Wizard

QI had a great Riesling going this vintage, but now I’ve stuffed it up. I nursed it along until the last racking, when I seem to have put in an overload of sulfite. I nearly killed a judge at the Eltham show. They are threatening to sue. I realize it’s my own fault — I

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I was thinking of adding oak chips in cheesecloth to a gallon carboy of red Zinfandel for one month; any experience with this?

I firmly believe that — much like Sauternes and foie gras, Port and blue cheese — oak chips and cheese cloth were always destined for each other. Many winemakers, from purveyors of thousand-gallon commercial lots to 10-liter demijohnners, take advantage of homemade oak chip “tea bags.” I’ve been advocating their use for years as they

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Can you remove excess sulfite from a batch of wine?

My, my, my! I sincerely hope you are joking about that lawsuit — first, because I certainly hope you are under no impending financial harm, but also because I’d assume no home

Making Sparkling Wine from Kits

Has this ever happened to you? You bottle what seems to be your next, greatest batch of wine, carefully set it aside to age for as long as you can possibly stand

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