Quick Drinking Wine Kits

In this article I’ll be discussing “vinfanticide,” which is wines to drink on bottling day (or before). And in the next issue I’ll cover super-early drinking wines (under three months of age). I know that there are a few kit winemakers reading this article who just got a shocked look on their face: “You can age wine for three months!?!” Honestly, if you have never aged a premium kit for a couple of years, you don’t know what you’re missing. When I talk to folks who say they tried wine kits and didn’t like them, very few ever fully aged the finished wine, and when they do their opinion often changes. But this column isn’t about the benefits of aging, it’s about strategies for getting the most out of wine you’re going to drink insanely young. There is nothing new under the sun cork People have been drinking extremely young wine all throughout human history. In fact, it wasn’t until the invention of mass-produced glass bottles and stoppers made from cork that vintage wine, observed to change from year to