Choosing the Right Kit

When it comes to selecting a wine kit, Canada is the place to start. It’s winemakers’ heaven with hundreds of quality wine kits to choose from and just as many home wine retail stores and wine-on-premise shops to help you along. But wait a minute. If you’re in the United States and you think of good wine and sun-drenched vineyards stretching over the hills for as far as the eye can see, the Canadian flag usually isn’t flying in the background. Well, look again. When it comes to selecting a winemaking kit, Canada has as many choices as it has cold nights. When high “sin” taxes on the purchase of wine spurred a desire for Canadian citizens to take up the hobby of winemaking, Canadian entrepreneurs weren’t far behind, packaging juice and cashing in on this hot market. There are now dozens of wine suppliers, mostly Canadian, who collect juices and concentrates from around the world. They “process” the juice by balancing and blending to make select recipes, sometimes removing water, and repackaging into sterilized, air-free containers. Most now have