Organic Grape Growing Techniques

This chart illustrates the average nutrients removed from soil per acre (rounded off in pounds) in a producing vineyard per year (at 2.5 tons per acre, or about 5 pounds of fruit per plant, at 1,000 plants per acre). Note:  Many backyard soils in the United States provide these nutrients naturally to the vines, year after year.  This chart does not imply that all vineyards need to have these nutrients added.  If your vines produce vigorous, green growth and good fruit year after year without adding fertilizer, there is no need to add further amendments or nutrients. Stunted, low-yielding or yellowed vines will benefit from nutrient additions early in the growing season, at flowering, and after harvest.  Using compost or natural fertilizers can help the vine use the existing nutrients in the soil more effectively. Over the past decade, influenced by the increasing popularity of gourmet cooking and healthy lifestyles, organic produce and wine have gained a small foothold in supermarkets, produce stands and farmer’s markets all over North America.  Does the organic production of wine and food really bring