Big Batch Winemaking Techniques

Are you ready to move up from small batches of wine? In this article we are going to discuss the specifics of making “big” batches of wine — that is, 10 gallons (38 L) or more. This is a great follow-up to my recent article on setting up your home winery (in the February-March 2014 issue of WineMaker), but this is also a “BIG” topic to cover! As I have only been a winemaker for about five years I don’t consider myself a winemaking expert, but I did know early on that for winemaking, going big was the best approach for me. And it just may be for you too! Should You Go Big? The first topic to address is whether bigger is better for you. Like lots of hobby winemakers, I started out by making wine kits; a Gewürztraminer was my first. This was an unintimidating way to cut my teeth on the process, and if it didn’t turn out, well, I wouldn’t be out a whole lot of money. Plus I already had most of the necessary equipment