Build a Ladder-Style Wine Rack

There are lots of different styles of racking you can use in your cellar, so it’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each as you work out the details of your design. They include flat shelves, display shelves, ladder racking, waterfall racking, diamond bins, radiused ladders, curved end shelves, end caps, and others. You’ve laid out the locations of the racking in your plans. Now you need to decide what type of racking would be best for your cellar. One great option is the ladder rack design. Ladder Racks Ladder racks are made from a pair of floor-to-ceiling uprights with small crosspieces nailed to them. When the two racks with crosspieces are stood next to each other and tied together, they support a column of bottles. The bottles are individually supported, meaning each one is independent of the others and can be removed without moving any other bottles. The crosspieces, or ladder “rungs,” can be installed on opposite faces of the uprights, so that the racks can be lined up side by side to create a row of bottle