Build a Wine Barrel Table

Materials for Project: 1.) sand paper grits 40, 80, 120, 240 2.) matte black paint 3.) 3 or 4 coach bolts with washers and nuts 4.) drill and drill bits 5.) 3 or 4 wood screws 6.) small nail or tacks 7.) hammer 8.) jig saw (reciprocating saw) 9.) clean rags 10.) your favorite timber finish 11.) angle grinder, with sanding disc 12.) about 2 hours The Barrel: I found a half barrel the local pub was throwing out. It was almost ready to fall to pieces as two of the bands had fallen off and the top one was also ready to fall off. It would be very difficult to reassemble, so I carefully put the bands back on, and took it home. I was not sure what to make until I saw the nice graphics on the top, so I sanded the top back and put furniture oil on it. It looked good so I decided to keep the graphic which would mean keeping the top intact. My first thought was a coffee table, but as the project