Modifying Wine Kits

Making truly great wine from a kit takes a winemaker of thoughtfulness, one who knows what he wants to achieve and will take the steps to achieve it. This article deals with interventions you make before the start of alcohol fermentation; the initial starting conditions that will shape the wine into its basic elements before you go to polishing each of the facets of its character, along with aging and other post-fermentation techniques known as élevage. The two changes we are going to discuss in this article are alcohol levels and tannin. It’s important to remember before we start that any change you make is completely interconnected to the character of the wine in what can be very subtle ways. Just making a bunch of changes or additions to the kits could knock it out of balance in ways that can be difficult to recover from. Red or white? Either is fine, as suits your cellar needs and your palate, and working with dry table wines will be the most rewarding projects, but the approach for red and white is