Cool Climate Winemaking Tips from Ontario

There is no better way to get to know a wine region than paying a visit and chatting up the winery management and their staff. It is then that you can learn more about the hard work and dedication that goes into making great wine. I recently visited Prince Edward County (PEC) in Ontario, Canada to learn more about the challenges of cool-climate enology and the stylistic techniques of an up-and-coming region that would also be applicable to the home winery and vineyard. I had the pleasure of interviewing three talented winemakers and vineyard managers: Ross Wise from Keint-he Winery and Vineyards, Ben Serpa from Harwood Estate Vineyards and Richard Karlo from Karlo Estates. A Primer on “The County” Referred to by the locals as the “The County” Prince Edward is the third (and most northern at 44 degrees latitude) appellation of origin and is located on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario. The region was unveiled to the public in 2001 and much has developed over the past decade. The lake is the most influential geographical influence as it