Pairing Yeast with Grape

Start with the grapes. Whether you make wine at home from fresh grapes, juice, or frozen must, there are many influences over the quality and character of your wine. Grape variety itself is perhaps most significant for the wine style choices you make. Unless you grow your own grapes — and in some cases, even if you do grow them — other influences may be beyond your control. These include things like the climate of the growing area, the climatic conditions of the particular growing season, and viticultural practices. You may have some influence over other choices such as picking decisions and transport or shipping delays, but ultimately you have the grapes in hand from which you will make your wine. When it comes to winemaking decisions, you have much more control. You can decide whether to use enzymes, possible tannin additions, maceration techniques, what yeast to use, and many other decisions are at your fingertips. You may also be able to decide on fermentation temperature, if you have the capability of controlling it in your home winery. Of all