Design your Home Winery

We have had many customers at Blichmann Engineering ask about using our fermenters for winemaking, which is why I decided that I needed to learn more about making wine. My first batch of whole fruit red wine was a classic disaster resulting in a large stain on the carpet in my basement. I was woefully under prepared for how messy red winemaking can be! (Wife: not happy.) Fortunately, the wine did turn out reasonably palatable. And I did re-carpet and tile the basement, which I argued needed it anyway. (Wife: less unhappy.) But the most important outcome that came about from ruining the carpet in my basement is that it really kindled my newfound passion for making wine. And thus taking on yet another hobby filled with gadgets, large stainless tanks and a new process to master. But most importantly, I discovered a new realm of flavors to experience and share with newfound winemaking friends. Let’s get back to that “fortunate mess” from my first attempts at winemaking, however. While I do have a nice, well-organized homebrewery, that space didn’t