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In this article I will discuss the degrees of cold temperature damage that can occur in grapevines, techniques to assess that damage, and ways to increase the likelihood that your remaining live vines will have the best possible outcome during the growing season. I will also discuss some preventive measures that can be used to minimize vine damage from cold weather. Pockets of Damage Cold temperatures can hit some areas of your vineyard hard while other nearby areas can be left unscathed The patterns of cold temperature or frost damage in a geographic area, in a vineyard, or even on a single grapevine can seem illogical. Why does one vineyard experience severe damage while a nearby vineyard does not? Why does one vine freeze to death, while the adjacent vine does not? Location is the first significant variable. The USDA Plant Hardiness categories can be used to determine which vines will most likely thrive where your vineyard is located, and which vines will not. You can use your Zip Code to determine your Plant Hardiness Zone at the following web