Intro to Wine Kits: Tips from the Pros

Whether you are new to the winemaking hobby or looking to supplement your grape winemaking during the off-season, making wine from a kit results in great tasting wine in less time and with less work. Two experts from the largest kit manufacturers share what beginners need to know to make their kit wines shine. Gail Tufford, Technical Services Coordinator for Global Vintners Inc. its offer home winemakers the opportunity to craft high-quality wine made from juices sourced from around the globe. They offer varietals that are usually not accessible to home winemakers and you can make your wine when it’s convenient for you.  Your finished wine will be perfectly balanced without needing testing or tricky adjustments. The stabilizing and clearing agents are included in the kit. With basic winemaking equipment, you only need to follow the instructions to make your own delicious wine. It’s also a great way to stock a wine cellar at a reasonable price. Of course, another benefit to kit winemaking is that they are fun to make! I can’t think of a more delicious hobby.  If