Make Your Own Red Wine Aroma Sensory Kit

Improve your ability to pick out aromas in a glass of wine with the use of an aroma kit. There are many wine aroma kits available but most cost well above $100; I put this kit together for around $30. The aroma kit uses several common household spices, so you might already have some of the ingredients. The ingredient selection of this kit is designed specifically for red wines. We used dry spices for this kit because they last longer. What You’ll Need Spices Anise Allspice Oregano Black Peppercorn (Tellicherry, if you can) Vanilla Nutmeg Dill White Pepper (optional) Black Cardamom (optional) Other Dried Mushrooms Dirt Dried Tobacco (optional) Cedar Chips (optional) Black Peppercorn Allspice Dried Mushroom Dill Vanilla Ground Oregano Nutmeg Dirt Anise Cardamom   What to do Put spices and other materials in jars. We found jars at World Market for $1 each and a little bamboo spice jar holder for $8. How to Use a Red Wine Aroma Kit There are two methods for using your kit: 1. Blend with Wine. Blend single aroma kit ingredients into a
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