Rosé Wine Kits

In a recent study commissioned in the UK, researchers studied the sociological data of people who expressed a preference for either red or white wine. In addition to mundane facts (red wine drinkers have a slightly higher rate of college degrees, white wine drinkers are content stay-at-homes) a couple of very interesting things emerged: fans of rosé wine seek change in their life, and want to challenge the status quo. They also were the most likely to be in happily settled relationships, and were described as “warm and charming.” Any true lover of rosé could have saved them the cost of the study: it’s immediately obvious that people who like pink wine are flat-out cool and enjoy the important things in life. And that goes double for people who make their own rosé at home. Nothing is as versatile or as satisfying as a good rosé wine — can’t decide what will pair with your dinner better, red or white? Drink pink — with the body of red and the crispness of white it can match anything. Rosé-style wine kits