Starting a Winemaking Club

So you truly enjoy making your own wine. You’ve been making wine for years, or maybe have just made a couple of wine kits. What’s next? Where might you learn more or gain even a higher appreciation of your hobby? Consider a winemaking club. Making wine is fun whether you like to make it alone or with friends. Getting involved with a dedicated group of home winemakers, however, can have some real advantages. For starters, it’s a good excuse to have a set time each month for getting together with like-minded people and talk about wine. Meetings are also a great opportunity to taste and evaluate wines — your own, those of fellow club members, as well as commercial wines. Clubs can also be a great way to share in the cost of ingredients if you want to order in bulk, or for large pieces of equipment that can be shared. They are also an opportunity to try out some roles and responsibilities that you might not have in your everyday life; perhaps you’ve never organized an event, or you’ve