Date: Jun-Jul 2015

June/July 2015 issue

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Marquette: A hardy cold-climate hybrid

If you are looking for a cold-tolerant red grape, Marquette might be the varietal for you. Bred in Minnesota, this hybrid can withstand temperatures as low as -30 °F (-34 °C).

Understanding YAN

If you want to make good homemade wine, you should learn to manage your wines’ YAN — yeast assimilable nitrogen.

Glass vs. Wood

Home winemakers tend to ferment in glass carboys (big 5-gallon/19-L jars, essentially) because they are usually better-sized and more convenient to a home hobbyist than larger vessels like a 59-gallon (223-L) barrel.

Refermentation Questions

It’s hard to tell exactly what may be the issue because wines that just finish fermenting and are so young often have “funny” smells and do indeed not smell like the finished

White Film In My Wine Barrel

It sounds like you are doing the right thing. This is probably an aerophilic “flor” type yeast that is eating alcohol, and in the presence of air (if it was slightly untopped)

Understanding “Degree Days”, White Film on Wine, and Glass vs. Wood

Q Is there any wine grape that can be successfully grown in an area with a heat summation of 1,200? I am near the Pacific Coast and summers are not very warm,

Storing Wine Ingredients

Make wine at home for a few years and you will probably accumulate a lot of stuff. Pieces of equipment join the collection as the needs and resources come up. Consumable supplies

Build a Backyard Vineyard Sprayer

Parts and equipment list Trailer: Small utility trailer kit ¾-inch treated plywood decking (2) wide turf tires Spray system: 35-gallon (132-L) poly tank (2) bulkhead fittings PTO (power take off) roller pump

Zinfandel Wine Case Study

You’ve heard over and over the importance of taking notes during winemaking. But what do you do with those findings? Follow along with the process of a professional winemaker to find out.

Starting a Winemaking Club

So you truly enjoy making your own wine. You’ve been making wine for years, or maybe have just made a couple of wine kits. What’s next? Where might you learn more or

Making Apple Wine: Tips from the Pros

When life gives you apples … Get tips on making various apple wine styles from the winemakers at Door Peninsula Winery (who makes sweet and a dry, barrel-aged version), Brookview Station Winery

Wine Grotto: Dry Finish

In January 2013 my wife, Carole, and I moved from our rural Maryland house to a 17th floor condo in “The Century” — a new 41-story structure in Century City, Los Angeles.

Inside the Vineyard Toolshed: Backyard Vines

The essential tools any home viticulturist will need to stay on top of their backyard vineyard.

Understanding “Degree Days”

The “Winkler Scale” or “UC Davis Heat Summation Scale,” which measures what are dubbed “degree days,” is only a rough guide to which varietals will thrive in which areas and is solely

Making Melon Wine

With few exceptions, melons conjure up memories of juicy, succulent sweetness that satisfies the senses on a warm summer day. Any winemaker enjoying a fully ripened culinary melon will naturally envision a

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