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Home Winery Design

A lot of thought and planning should be done before you begin designing a home winery. Whether building a new space or refurbishing an existing area, you want to make the winery as conducive to your needs as possible. From accessibility to temperature control, we lay out what you need to know.

Maximizing Cellar Space

Get the most from your wine cellar by maximizing the space you have. Two keys to this are leveraging vertical space and mobility.

DIY Bird Net Applicator

Bird netting is essential to protect your precious grapes form birds after veraison. However, anyone with their own backyard vineyard knows how difficult it can be to apply the netting and also role it up compactly for storage after harvest. With that in mind, a home winemaker came up with two DIYs to make the tasks easier.

One-Stall Winery

After years of making wine in various locations throughout my house out of necessity and lack of a dedicated space, I recently had to evaluate my process. For years I fermented grapes

The Mobile “Wall-Mount” Wine Opener

If your home winemaking club runs a wine competition, you should check out this DIY stand stand that allows a high-volume wine opener to go mobile.

Build a Better Sprayer

When your home vineyard grows to a certain size a hand-held or backpack sprayer just won’t cut it. Use these plans to build a tow-behind sprayer to save time and effort while executing your spray program.

Design a Wine Cellar

The best wine cellars offer home winemakers, wine collectors, or anyone else stockpiling wine a stable, secure, chilly space that exists in complete darkness 99.9% of the time. Get some construction options that a homeowner might consider when designing a wine cellar.

Vacuum Wine Corker

The the purpose of this project was to minimize oxygen and achieve longer shelf life on fruit wines. One trick commercial folks use to increase shelf life is packaging under a vacuum.

Build a Temperature-Controlled Wine Storage Box

A home winemaker from California’s Sierra Foothills shares his design for an air-conditioned wine storage room he built for his garage.

Build Your Own Basket Press

Build this basket press using HDPE plastic.

One Wall Winery: One World. One Winery. One Wall.

If you have a free wall in your garage, you can have your entire winery organized there. See the plans by Steve Hughes.

Wine Cellar Build

A reader’s basement renovation takes shape.

Lab Equipment: Storage Cabinet

Over the years I have accumulated lots of pieces of fairly delicate labware to perform a number of winemaking tests. After recently remodeling my garage winery with some cast off kitchen cabinets

Build a Wine Barrel Table

Materials for Project: 1.) sand paper grits 40, 80, 120, 240 2.) matte black paint 3.) 3 or 4 coach bolts with washers and nuts 4.) drill and drill bits 5.) 3

Build a Ladder-Style Wine Rack

There are lots of different styles of racking you can use in your cellar, so it’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each as you work out the details of your

Build a Carboy Cleaner

I learned quickly during my early days of cleaning up after myself in the winery that a carboy brush is designed to spackle the walls, surrounding cabinets and the user with undesirable

Build a Champagne Bottle Capper

Recently Brew Your Own magazine did a story about the pneumatic bottle capper that I had built to cap beer bottles. A short time later, I was contacted by WineMaker Magazine asking

Build a Backyard Vineyard Sprayer

Parts and equipment list Trailer: Small utility trailer kit ¾-inch treated plywood decking (2) wide turf tires Spray system: 35-gallon (132-L) poly tank (2) bulkhead fittings PTO (power take off) roller pump

Build Your Own Destemmer-Crusher

Don’t want to fork over the money it costs to buy a destemmer-crusher? Good with your hands? Try building this!

Wine To Go Layout

Build your own wine carrying case to keep your bottles safe during travel.

How to Build a Barrel

An amateur barrel maker shares his advice to build your own wine barrel at home.

Homemade Wine Press

A reader shares plans for his homemade wine press.

Building Diamond Bin Wine Racks

Diamond bins, so called because of their orientation, are a simple storage option. I recommend building a diamond bin frame and making some horizontal shelves for holding wine in case boxes. (By

Build 3 Winemaking Projects

Build a cart to roll your fermenter around easily, a stainless racking cane, and cap plonker.

Building a Cool Cellar

I can still remember the days when my father served his wine straight from the “cellar.” It was really a cold room, which meant the temperature of the wine would follow our

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