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Crushing It

Learn about several grape crushing options, the equipment that can be used, and the processes available to fresh grape winemakers.

How to Adjust SO2 Levels In Must

For harvest purposes, when adding SO2 to grapes in order to knock down feral yeast and bacteria (with the goal of reducing VA and letting your yeast of choice get a foothold),

Crushing Grapes

Supposedly there are many ways to skin a cat, but we’re not familiar with any of them. Luckily for winemakers, Bob Peak knows many ways to crush a grape, and is willing to explain.

Build Your Own Destemmer-Crusher

Don’t want to fork over the money it costs to buy a destemmer-crusher? Good with your hands? Try building this!

Your Best Crush and Press

You can never be too prepared in your winery when the grapes come in from harvest. Follow our guidelines for crush and press success.

Creating a Balanced Must

 There are three elements that are critical to have balanced in a must: pH/TA, structure and sugar. Each of these elements has a direct influence on the quality of the finished wine

Keys to a Great Crush and Press

When the harvest season rolls around each year, and winemakers gear up for the busy season, a winemaker’s plans to improve on the previous vintage should have already started in spring and

Harvest Planning

The better you plan for grapes to come in, the smoother the big day of harvest and crushing grapes will go. Do you have all of the equipment on hand and cleaned? Is the space cleared? Start planning now.

Build Your Own Crusher

Plans to build your own grape crusher.

9 result(s) found.