Build a Backyard Vineyard Sprayer

Parts and equipment list Trailer: Small utility trailer kit ¾-inch treated plywood decking (2) wide turf tires Spray system: 35-gallon (132-L) poly tank (2) bulkhead fittings PTO (power take off) roller pump 40-ft. (12 m) ¾-inch 300 psi sprayer hose In-line strainer 300 psi pressure regulator 200 psi pressure gauge with “T” fitting (6) sprayer nozzles/tips/strainers/seals and caps (16) ¾-inch MNPT x ¾-inch HB nylon fittings (5) ¾-inch nylon HB “T” fittings (6) ¾-inch nylon female caps (2) ¾-inch MNPT x ¾-inch HB metal fittings (2) ¾-inch MNPT x ¾-inch FNPT metal street elbows (2) ¾-inch full port brass ball valves ¾-inch MPT jet agitator Roll Teflon tape (45) stainless steel hose clamps Air system: 8-hp parking lot blower 4-4-inch “Y” dust collector fittings (2) Aluminum blast gates (2) 4-inch 45-degree fittings 10 feet (3 m) 4-inch dust collector hose (4) 4-inch wire clamps 5-inch x 4-inch x4-inch “Y” splitter Custom fabricated adapter (blower to splitter) Metal for rack and mount fabrication: 22 feet (6.7 m) 1.5-inch x1.5-inch steel square tubing 36 inches (91 cm) ¼-inch x 6-inch steel flat stock