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Recording Notes Like a Pro

For winemakers, harvest time is a period of intense activity, and essential decisions and preparations need to happen well in advance of crushing day for things to go smoothly. These decisions include

Zinfandel Wine Case Study

You’ve heard over and over the importance of taking notes during winemaking. But what do you do with those findings? Follow along with the process of a professional winemaker to find out.

Keeping Notes in the Winery

Why it is important for winemakers to take notes, and what information should always be recorded.

Home Winemaking Quality Control

When the editors at WineMaker suggested quality control (QC) for a story, I was delighted to take it on. I have a long personal and professional history with QC and it infuses

Wine Wizard Revealed & Top 10 Winemaking Questions

A Word From the Publisher And the Wine Wizard is……. “When will my fermentation stop?” “Why did my fermentation stop?” One thing I can count on as publisher of WineMaker magazine is

Your Home Wine Lab

Sooner or later, most serious winemakers conclude that it isn’t good enough to simply follow a recipe blindly. That’s a bit too much like painting-by-numbers. The expression of one’s own skill and

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