Top 100 Wine Kits 2014

This past April 2014, over 50 experienced judges evaluated a total of 1,460 wine kit entries as part of the 2014 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition. This large collection of kit entries was sent into the competition from across North America. The 1,460 wine kit entries were entered in 37 different categories and represented a broad selection of varietals and blends from all major kit manufacturers. Over the course of three days, wine judging panels examined all entries, both kit and non-kit, using the University of California-Davis 20-point wine scale giving their scores on appearance, aroma, taste, aftertaste and overall impression. All judging was done blind, meaning those evaluating each entry were given a pre-poured glass of wine with absolutely no identification attached except a tracking number. The judges had no idea about the entrant’s name or even whether the entry was made from a kit or fresh fruit. All the judges knew about each entry was the category entered. Entries were awarded gold, silver, bronze and best of show medals based on the average score given by the judging
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