Your First Wine Barrel

After 15 years of making wine, I am finally embarking upon the use of barrels and it is very exciting. Just having the barrels in my homewinery creates an ambiance that is softer, more aromatic and a bit primitive. I’m feeling that my homewinery is now more in sync with the Old World milieu of my backyard vineyard. I’m looking forward to the next time that I entertain and bring my guests inside after a walk through the vineyard. Now I can have them settle in the cozy winery for a glass of wine or two, surrounded by these stately new barrels. It definitely is a huge upgrade. Oh yeah, I’m hoping that the barrels add wonderful new attributes to my wines as well. I’d like to share with you the recent journey I took including selecting the barrels, prepping the barrels and putting them into service. What’s So Good About the Wood? For those just getting into winemaking, here’s a brief introduction to the benefits of aging wine in oak and how that is accomplished in the winery. Wine