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How can I locate a specific variety of grapes to buy?


Dear Wine Wizard, I came back from Australia six months ago and was fortunate enough to visit the Hunter Valley. I brought back some wine and among the bottles was a Chardonnay/Verdelho blend that I had sampled and enjoyed. I opened it the other day and was again amazed at how good it was. Well, to make a long story short, I have now got it into my head that I want to make this blend for my next year’s white wine. The problem I seem to be having is that the Verdelho grape appears to be grown only in Portugal and Australia, instead of in Washington state where I am located. I am just stumped as to where to go next as to inquire if anyone in the nearby vineyards (in either Oregon or anywhere in Washington) grows this varietal. I’m willing to do quite a bit of work and pay handsomely to begin to get the grapes, I just don’t know where to get the contact information that I need. Jonna Reed Kirkland, Washington Wine Wizard Replies: Congratulations