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Refermentation, malo on the move: Wine Wizard


What’s with the fizz? I bottled an Amarone from juice about six months ago. I have been trying it every couple of months to see how it is coming along. I opened a bottle last night and it has become carbonated. Is there any way to fix this? Jeffrey Dillon Glen Arm, Maryland Since you report the wine “has become carbonated” it sounds like it was still when you put it in the bottle and you wanted it to stay that way. It also sounds to me like you have experienced a classic (but unwanted) re-fermentation in the bottle. Essentially, re-fermentations are avoided either by controlling the microorganisms that perform them (yeast or bacteria) or by controlling their food source (sugars in the case of the former, malic acid, alcohol and other substrates in the case of the latter). Whether caused by yeast, bacteria or a combination of both, post-bottle refermentation is one of the toughest problems a winemaker can face and one of the issues we all should work our hardest to avoid. First let’s walk through the possible