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What would you recommend to make my wine clear, please?


Clarifying elderflower wine I made some elderflower wine last year and have now decanted it into bottles. It is very cloudy. What would you recommend to make it clear, please? Huw M. Edwards via email Hmmmm. As long as it is not fermenting and is stable other than being cloudy, it sounds like you need either an enzyme, a fining agent or some combination of the two.     Since you’ve got your wine all conveniently bottled up, my advice is to take three or four bottles and use them as “bench trial” experiments so you can get an idea of what would be the best for this particular wine. Even professionals do this so we can try something out on a teeny bit of the wine before subjecting the whole batch (and our wallet) to a treatment.     It sounds like you might especially have some challenges because of the non-grape nature of your wine. Grapes are the winemaking fruit of choice because they have the most favorable natural balance of sugar, acids, tannins, proteins, flavor and aroma compounds of