Wine literature is essentially a snapshot in the history of wine as portrayed by that author. Have you ever received or purchased a book on wine, read it cover to cover, made note of a few interesting items and relegated it to a shelf somewhere in your house and forgotten about it? Then some day, possibly years later, as you are dusting around the house you find the book and start flipping the pages. As you read, you start picking up little tidbits of information that perhaps needed to be refreshed in the current memory circles. That happened to me recently, and while I wasn’t dusting shelves, I was curious as to where I had even got this particular book. The book is titled, The Great Book of Wine, by Edita Lausanne, and published by Galahad Books in New York. The copyright is 1969 and 1970. Now this is a real mystery, because I was less than half of the legal drinking age in 1969, but there is a notation on the inside cover indicating someone wanted $10 for it.