Date: Dec 15-Jan 16

December 2015/January 2016 issue

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Top 100 Wine Kits 2015

This past April, 50 experienced judges evaluated a total of 1,224 wine kit entries as part of the overall 2015 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition. This large collection of kit entries was

Savoring Wine: Dry Finish

There are many wines in Greece, but only one way to drink it. That, in any event, is what I was told on my first visit. Athens was chaotic and noisy, but

Build Your Own Basket Press

Build this basket press using HDPE plastic.

Making Maple Wine

Maple sap is a great source of natural sugar and certainly qualifies as home winemaking material. What is less certain, as you have found out, is how much of those subtle maple

Color Loss in Candy Cane Wine, 23-year-old Concord, Deprived Vines, and Maple Wine

Because of their chemical composition under wine pH (acidity) and fermentation conditions it’s quite possible these color compounds won’t stay red, or in solution, very long.

Deprived Vines

It sounds to me like you possibly have a heat and/or overexposure problem there with your vines. I’ll share a little personal anecdote with you about a similar situation that I have

Choosing and Using a Wine Pump

Many a home winery gets by just fine with no pump at all. If your hobby grows, though, you may find that many routine tasks are made simpler with the help of

2016 Label Contest Winners

Here’s the winners of the 2016 WineMaker label contest.

Build Your Own Destemmer-Crusher

Don’t want to fork over the money it costs to buy a destemmer-crusher? Good with your hands? Try building this!

Color Loss in Candy Cane Wine

Well, well, well. Candy cane wine is one I have never heard of! However, as one of my winemaking professors always said, you can ferment just about anything as long as you

Pairing Wine and Food: Tips from the Pros

There are many views on how to properly pair your wine and food for the most enjoyable dining experience. Three experts illustrate this while offering advice. Chef: Mark Molinaro, Northern Arizona University

Post-Harvest Cleanup

Don’t neglect your vineyard just because the grapes have been harvested. Here’s the cleanup that needs to take place.


American wine consumers tend to believe if a white wine has been bottled then it is ready to drink. But not all white wines are meant to only be enjoyed young. Let us introduce you to Sémillon.

Clearing A 23-Year-Old Concord Wine

Since 1992 (over 20 years) is quite a long time to store bottled wine. If you go to a supermarket or liquor store, you’ll notice that most red wines currently on the

Award-Winning Kit Winemakers Roundtable

How do you make the best possible homemade wine from a kit? You know, something truly great that can stand out in a crowded competition and go toe-to-toe with a fresh grape

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