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2024 WineMaker Label Contest Winners

We share our favorite labels from the hundreds of entries submitted in the annual WineMaker Label Contest.

Story Behind The Label

We saw a lot of cool looking amateur wine labels in our 2023 label contest but nothing quite as unique as these. Check out these labels from Chateau Hetsakais.

2023 Label Contest Winners

We received hundreds of entries into this year’s WineMaker Label Contest. It is time to reveal the winners.

2022 Label Contest Winners

Hundreds of home wine labels were entered in WineMaker’s 22nd Annual Label Contest. We share all of the winning labels that make the bottles look as good as the wine inside tastes.

2021 Label Contest Winners

It’s been said for ages — making wine is a balance of science and art. Today, however, we’re going to focus on art. That is, the art that wraps our precious bottles

Story Behind The Label

Featured in the February-March 2023 issue: Kent Nienaber • Ham Lake, Minnesota Our Love Sick Marquette label was born out of a difficult situation that arose during COVID. In early September of 2021,

2020 Label Contest Winners

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a wine by its label. That said, we all know presentation is important and when looking at a bottle of wine

2012 WineMaker Wine Label Contest Winners

Winners from the 2012 WineMaker amateur label contest.

2013 Wine Label Contest Winners

Winners from the 2013 WineMaker amateur label contest.

2014 Wine Label Contest Winners

Here’s the winners of the 2014 WineMaker label contest.

2019 Label Contest Winners

View all of the winning labels from WineMaker’s 19th annual label contest.


Hope, strength and faith are the story behind Bob and Sonya Evanosky’s Momentum wine label.

2016 Label Contest Winners

Here’s the winners of the 2016 WineMaker label contest.

Design a Great Home Wine Label

You are already proud of the wine you made, but when it comes time to share or gift your wine, you want to be proud of the packaging too. Use these tips from label design pros to get you started.

2017 Wine Label Contest Winners

Here are the winners from the 2017 Label Contest.

2018 Label Contest Winners

Sure, what’s inside the bottle may be the most important part of winemaking, but the presentation of your homemade wines tells others that your wine is important to you, that you’ve spent

The Designing Winemaker

My hobby may be winemaking, but by day I am a commercial artist. I use house paint on a daily basis at my job,  so when I have the opportunity to create

2007 Label Contest Winners

It may be plonk, but – our grand prize winner shows – that doesn’t mean the label can’t be cool. See all the winners of WineMaker’s annual label contest.

2006 WineMaker Label Contest Winners

See the winning labels from the 2006 WineMaker label contest.

2005 WineMaker Label Contest Winners!

View the winning labels of the 2005 WineMaker label contest.

2004 WineMaker Label Contest Winners!

The winners of the 2004 WineMaker Label Contest

The 2002 WineMaker Label Contest Winners!

View the winning labels of the 2002 WineMaker Label Contest.

2001 Label Contest Winners

Gold Medal Winners Joan Huff Louisville, Kentucky Joan won honorable mention in last year’s contest with a similarly colorful label. She and her husband ordered some Muscat grapes from California and things

I want to drip a wax coating on the top of my bottles to add that special touch. Can you advise me on how to do this?

Dear Wine Wizard, I’m bottling some mead, and wanted to add that extra special touch to the finished product. I’ve seen some bottles with a wax coating on the top, the kind

2000 WineMaker Label Contest Winners

After crawling our way out of the large piles of boxes, envelopes and packages that have been collecting on the floor of the editorial department for the past two months, we managed

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