2018 Label Contest Winners

Sure, what’s inside the bottle may be the most important part of winemaking, but the presentation of your homemade wines tells others that your wine is important to you, that you’ve spent time on it, and are proud of the contents. The label, like gift-wrap on a present, is the first impression others will take from your wines, and as such, they are an important piece to the winemaking hobby. For that reason, once a year we dedicate this space to something other than techniques for pressing, fermenting, and aging, and instead highlight your artistic side.

This year, from the dozens of entries we received at the WineMaker offices, we picked our top four — an out of this world Cabernet, a label that pieces together two hobbies, one that gets our spidey sense tingling, and a unique label for a unique late harvest wine. Plus, we let you, the reader, choose your favorite for the Reader’s Choice Award based on voting at our Facebook page.

Thank you to all of our readers who submitted labels into this year’s label contest, and the generous sponsors who donated such great prizes!


Cody Shive Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Jeffrey Daley Seattle, Washington


Kevin Delson Woodland Hills, California


Barbara Bentley Walnut Creek, California


Ben Brown Cortland, Illinois

Honorable Mention

Anthony R. Nicholson Rocky River, Ohio
Dennis Wilcox Orange Beach, Alabama
David & Cyndee Milam Danville, California
Gail Sacharczuk Holland, Pennsylvania
Dave Sienknecht San Jose, California
Kevin Kelly Seattle, Washington
John T. Schiavone Canton, Ohio
Salvatore Coco Overland Park, Kansas
Joseph Conte Lothian, Maryland
Nancy Powell Kansas City, Kansas
Scott Magoon Choctaw, Oklahoma
Ronald Marvin Bakersfield, California
Thom Harding Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Karen Piantek Vernon, Connecticut