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South African Wine Safari

We recap and share pictures from a recent WineMaker trip with readers to the wine regions of South Africa.

Port and So Much More!

We recap and share pictures from a recent trip in which WineMaker’s publisher and a group of readers explored Portugal’s diverse wine culture.

Rooted in History: Craft Your Own Alsatian-Style Wines

The Alsace Valley produces some of the world’s finest wines. Get pointers on making wines like the Alsatians.

¡Vamos Vendimia!

WineMaker readers and Publisher Brad Ring recently spent a week exploring beautiful wine regions in Chile and Argentina during harvest. We recap and share
pictures from the adventure.

Winemaking in the country of Georgia

I am a viticulture student at an agrarian university located in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. Georgia is considered the cradle of wine, as archaeologists have traced the world’s first known wine

World-Class Week in Bordeaux

We recap and share photos from a weeklong trip
WineMaker readers and Publisher Brad Ring spent visiting wineries and experiencing all that the famed French wine region of Bordeaux has to offer.

Bella Toscana!

A group of WineMaker readers were recently accompanied by Publisher Brad Ring on a winery and food tour through Tuscany. We share the highlights and photos from Italy’s renowned wine region.

Drawing Inspiration from Valpolicella

Wineries can, and often do, create four distinct wines from a single vineyard in the Italian Valpolicella region. Amarone is the most famous, requiring the grapes to partially dry prior to pressing, but all four unique wines highlight techniques that the home winemaker can learn from.

Winemaking from Down Under

Australia produces a lot more than Shiraz and budget wines with kangaroos on the label. Get an inside look at how Aussie winemakers are flipping the reputation of the wines from Down Under, with tips for creating their most touted styles in your home winery.

Ciao Vino! Home winemaking in Italy

Home winemaking in Italy traces its roots back to the pre-Roman Empire. While North American home winemaking roughly parallels how the Italians do it, Bob Peak got the chance to explore the winemaking techniques found in the Old Country.

15 Upcoming Wine Regions

People tend to stick to the familiar and pleasurable in life, and while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite Chardonnay or Zinfandel on a regular basis, remember the last time you

Mulled Wines: That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

As autumn rolls into winter, the average person’s appetite for a chilled white wine, ice-cold beer or slushy blender drink wanes. A hearty red wine with deep fruit and nice tannins can

Savoring Wine: Dry Finish

There are many wines in Greece, but only one way to drink it. That, in any event, is what I was told on my first visit. Athens was chaotic and noisy, but

Using South American Grapes for a Second Winemaking Season

And you thought there was only one time each year to make wine from fresh grapes; in the autumn season. But, surprise, there is another whole world south of the Equator. As

Pinot Noir Winemaking Techniques from Burgundy

We have all heard the expression that great wine is made in the vineyard. And while we home winemakers generally accept this as truth, nowhere has this been more obvious to me

Chardonnay Winemaking Tips from Burgundy

Being a lover of Pinot Noir, I am intrigued and mystified by Burgundy. During my visit to Burgundy as part of a film crew working on a television series about wine, I

Rhône Roundup

Four pro “Rhône Ranger” winemakers discuss making Rhône-style wines and decisions that work best on the small-scale.

The Legacy of Ravenswood

Once upon a time Joel Peterson was a hobby winemaker with dreams of going pro. Today, Ravenswood is one of the most recognizable labels in the world. Find out how he did it, as well as his winemaking philosophy and techniques.

Fires in California’s Wine Country

For one week in October, portions of California’s wine country were up in flames in what has been deemed the state’s most destructive and costly fire. Beyond the toll it took on countless families whose homes were destroyed and lives uprooted, questions also arose regarding the fire’s impact on the 2017 vintage.

Spring into South American Grapes

Many of your favorite winemaking retailers bring in grapes, juices, must, and wine kits from Chile, Argentina, and South Africa. Get to know these wine regions and the grapes they are known for as we prepare for the spring Southern Hemisphere harvest.


Rioja has a long and interesting history — involving war, geographic isolation, restrictions on irrigation of vineyards and, of all things, inside-out pigs. Now, thanks to modernization, Rioja is reaching new heights.

21 result(s) found.