Varietal: Malbec

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Malbecs Around the Globe

The popularity of Malbec has grown tremendously over the past two decades, thanks in large part to the award-winning examples coming out of Argentina. We interviewed five winemakers from three continents to share their tips for making Malbec at home.

Using South American Grapes for a Second Winemaking Season

And you thought there was only one time each year to make wine from fresh grapes; in the autumn season. But, surprise, there is another whole world south of the Equator. As

15 Wine Kits to Try

Most home winemakers have limits on their winemaking space, equipment, cellar capacity or the ability of their liver to keep up. If you are one of those who has to pick and

Malbec: Beyond Bordeaux

When we think of the great wines of the Bordeaux region of France the names of the Grand Cru châteaus of Lafite, Latour, Mouton-Rothschild, Haut-Brion or Cheval Blanc come up. Today, the

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