Mulled Wines: That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

As autumn rolls into winter, the average person’s appetite for a chilled white wine, ice-cold beer or slushy blender drink wanes. A hearty red wine with deep fruit and nice tannins can be a great pleasure, but what about when it’s really cold? How about heating things up with a nice steaming hot cup of wine? Our modern idea of hot drinks is usually divided into two categories: après-ski, for snowy winter pursuits, and after-dinner drinks — usually coffee-based, typically served with, or as, dessert. But while these drinks are all well and good, they sell the potential of hot drinks short: wine can make a delicious hot drink for every occasion or personal taste. In addition, some of them have long traditions and amusing and delightful histories that can make great stories around the fireplace. One thing to keep in mind about hot drinks is that they’re really at their best while steaming hot. The temptation can be to consume them a bit more quickly than usual, and perhaps have another to follow. As such, it pays to keep