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Eat Your (Fermented) Veggies

It can be difficult to fill time between batches of wine once you have been bitten by the fermentation bug. How about trying a new kind of fermentation? Derek Dellinger lived on nothing but fermented foods for a year, and he’s here to share how to make your own.

Getting Crafty

Since the start of COVID-19, the interest in fermented foods seems to have only grown in popularity. Take a walk through some easily fermented foods you can make in your kitchen and what wines may pair nicely with them.

Wine Pairing For the Holidays

A time for friends and family to gather and celebrate, the holiday season is best paired with good food and wine. Be sure you plan ahead to match the main course with the vino.


Among the few bright spots caused by the worldwide pandemic is that many people stuck at home got into home fermentations — and those aren’t limited to beverages. Kimchi is a Korean dish that gets the mouth watering and can spice up just about any dish. Learn how to make your own!

Cooking with Wine

Wine isn’t just the best beverage to pair with food, it’s also great to use as an ingredient in meals. With that in mind, we asked some experts in the kitchen for their advice when it comes to cooking with wine. White, red, or other, wines always have a place in the kitchen.

Making Sausage at Home

Looking for another hobby that can enhance your passion for winemaking? Try making your own sausage! Not only does sausage pair well with your wines, but you can even use your wine in the recipes.

Wine Yeast to Make Bread

You can definitely use wine yeast for baking bread. Bread yeast and wine yeast are both Saccharomyces cerevisiae and both work the same way, by eating sugar and converting it into ethanol

Recipes of Burgundy

If you’ve ever visited Burgundy, France, then you likely know all about how important pairing the right wine and food dish are. Here, we share recipes for a three-course meal as well as their perfect pairings for your Burgundian-style wines.

Thinking Outside the Bottle: Presenting Your Homemade Wine

With the holiday season approaching, presenting your homemade wine to friends and family should be a point of pride. Bob Peak offers readers several pointers to take a fun and festive approach to an evening pairing of your wine with guests.

Cooking With Wine

Making a red wine reduction is a great way to create a concentrated, flavorful sauce! I do it frequently myself when I’m cooking and it works great with red, white or sweet

The Science of Food and Wine Pairing

“Carignane and goat cheese,” said Tony Ross, wine educator at Passalacqua Winery near Healdsburg, California. During a judging session for a local home wine competition, Tony and I were on the same

Pairing Wine and Food: Tips from the Pros

There are many views on how to properly pair your wine and food for the most enjoyable dining experience. Three experts illustrate this while offering advice. Chef: Mark Molinaro, Northern Arizona University

Cooking With Wine

Your homemade wine doesn’t have to be simply for the wine glass – it can also be a part of the food on your table! Check out three recipes for a French-inspired feast that count wine among the ingredients.

Make Your Own Wine Vinegar

Winemakers spend a lot of time and effort preventing acetic acid from ruining good wine. But to make wine vinegar, Acetobacter is actually your friend. Find out how to make some wine vinegar at home.

A Feast for the Season

  The poets speak of glad hearts, and the red tulips and blossoming trees leave no doubt. Spring is here! So are tender, fresh vegetables like baby asparagus, bell peppers, white corn

15 result(s) found.