Create Your Own Great Labels

Labels are an extension of your personality; they mirror the winemaker’s soul. The wine in the bottle is the culmination of months, sometimes years of effort. Labeling your wine can further express your effort and pride. Your individual taste and purpose, along with a few key guidelines, are the essential factors in designing a label. There are many procedures for designing and producing labels. The suggestions outlined here are but a few methods. These ideas are intended to be a starting point for your creativity and to suggest some ways to express it. Practice designing labels using computer programs or graphic tools you are comfortable with. This is the only way to become more proficient. Creative Design What should you put on your wine label? Content is a matter of individual preference. Typically, the type of grape or style of wine is included. If the wine is a blend, create a proprietary name. A famous example of this is Opus One, a blend of Bordeaux-style grapes that can’t be labeled as a varietal. A proprietary name is also helpful if,