Planning the Vineyard Work Load

One of my favorite Chinese proverbs is: “Many hands make light work.” It’s as true in the vineyard as anywhere. The vineyard is a place that traditionally brings people together — to till the Earth, to connect us to the natural world, to bind us to the movement of the seasons and, of course, to gather at the table to share the fermented fruits of our labor. Managing labor in the vineyard can be as easy as scheduling one morning a weekend during the growing season for checking on the vineyard and administering its maintenance. With larger vineyards, more than a row or two, you may need to enlist some help. For many reasons, friends are the best solution. You get to spend time with them and bond through some hard work, and then eat and drink afterwards. You may not need a reason to have a small lunch celebration, but finishing some work in the vineyard is always a good excuse to throw down a few old bottles with some cheese and salami. Determining your labor needs If you