Upgrade Your Home Winery

If you are like most home winemakers, you’ve been making great wines from concentrate and juice, and you also may have experimented with small batches of grapes. Now you want to increase your production. Or you want to try different styles of wine and master some sophisticated techniques. Or perhaps your love for winemaking is driving you to become a garagiste — a home winemaker who converts the garage into a “winery” and is obsessed with making the best wines possible. So how do you upgrade your starter kit — your five-gallon pail, glass carboy, hydrometer and racking cane — to make better or different styles of wine, or to expand to an impressive amateur operation capable of handling 50, 100 or even 200 gallons of wine per year? (Before you get carried away, remember: In the United States, federal regulations limit homemade wine production to 100 gallons if one adult lives in the household and to 200 gallons for two or more adults.) Whether you’re driven by quality, quantity or efficiency — or by the high-tech joy of using