(Another) Year in the Vineyard, Week #10 by Wes Hagen

Year in the Vineyard Week #10 Wes Hagen. Clos Pepe Vineyards May 14-20, 2010 First, let me vent.  I’m pissed.  Really, really really angry right now.  After teaching a five hour class called ‘Viticulture Bootcamp’ and having a great day of teaching and talking with folks from 21 States, Canada and Puerto Rico, I decided to finish my blog after the event.  And the blog was great.  It was descriptive and clever and lovely, and I clicked ‘Publish’ and the web-based software showed a loading bar for an entire hour.  There was no pictures, no graphics, it was 1500 words of text.  That’s it.  Text.  An hour?  My Blackberry could have sent it in 2 minutes with 1 bar of connectivity. So I checked the internet connection.  I brought up YouTube and watched a video, I brought up ClosPepe.com and checked the front page, I updated my FaceBook.  Everything worked fine, and with good connectivity.  And still the Blog was stuck on loading.  So I finally clicked refresh.  Boom, all 1500 words were gone, an hour and a half of