(Another) Year in the Vineyard Wine Blog, Week #23 with Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe

Year in the Vineyard With Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe Vineyards and Estate Wines Welcome once again to the Year in the Vineyard Blog.  We continue with our new High Def video blogs, to give you as much visual input as possible.  There’s times when the written word can describe what’s happening in a vineyard, but I’m a big believer in getting out in the vines when I have visitors and getting them to see, touch, smell and understand what’s going on here. With this in mind, I would like to continue posting blogs each week from the vineyard and the winery so you can get an intimate view and understanding of my job as a vineyard manager and winemaker for Clos Pepe.  This week we post part 2 of the barrel tasting: the Pinot Noir, and a ‘Walk in the Fog’—my take on how the fruit and the 2010 vintage is maturing. This week we are preparing for a very busy period that begins next Monday.  We will be assembling all the wines from the 2009 vintage in tank, giving