(Another) Year in the Vineyard Wine Blog, Week #29 by Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe

(Another) Year in the Vineyard Week #29: 9/25-9/30, 2010 From Mellow to Manic in a Single Heat Wave And Why English Majors Make Bad Electricians As you might have guessed, the blogs during harvest will be short and sweet.  The Hemingway novel of the Vineyard Blog scene.  It is currently 2:40 on Wednesday morning, and until I wrote that last sentence, I actually thought it was Thursday.  Fortunately, I have the correct crew, tractor and bins assembling outside my window in the Wente Chardonnay section to get going on the correct pick, Estate Chardonnay, Tyler Winery Chardonnay and some Pommard pinot noir for Tyler as well. If all goes well, we’ll be in the winery around 7 am this morning to begin setup for two press loads of Chardonnay fruit, which will be whole cluster pressed into around 8-10 barrels for barrel fermentation.  (Sipping strong coffee.)  The rough plan in my head is to try to get some video of Chardonnay harvest this morning, upload it today, and then get the blog up tomorrow in between picking, crushing, punch downs